Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Job Hunting

Job Hunting

By: Keisha White

Every job interview is different and should be approached with the attitude of I am going to show them what I am worth. In essence, we have to become salesmen and women, showing the potential employer how high-quality we are and what we can do for them. We all have credentials for jobs that are out there and available right now. Why not look at what your good at and start from there?

The first impression you make is the most imperative one. With that being said, take a look at your resume. An unwritten rule is to keep it straightforward without leaving out essential details. Keep it to one page and always include a cover letter. You may want to do a couple different styles of resume as well. If you do this, make sure you have the same information on both. By doing this you can decide which to send out for different positions.

Do not be fearful to pat yourself on the back. Your prospective employer has never met you and knows nothing about you, other than what is on a piece of paper in front of them. Let them know what you are great at and compliments or awards you have obtained for your work. Being confident is different than being arrogant, so be careful not to overdo it.

During an interview you will have the ability to further explain your qualities that would be a great asset for this corporation. Keep in mind; you do not need to tell them everything you have done that, in your mind, is great. You do not want to come across as egotistical. Before the interview, pick out a few different things that you are good at and draw attention to those as key factors. Be professional without sounding too uptight. If this does not come naturally, practice it.

When preparing for an interview, it never hurts to have examples of your work handy. You may not need them, but take them, just in case the interviewer asks to see some examples of your work

One aspect in a person every employer looks for is a great work ethic. Be prepared to look them in the eye and tell them about yours. This shows the employer that you are self-assured in your work, mean what you say and that you are worth it!

Looking for work is usually an overwhelming duty. With all the competition, quantity generally must be coupled with value to reach a goal. Getting reliable direction saves your time searching for what can work in having to look at what doesn’t. By receiving solid help probably will enhance your chances in separating yourself from the opposition.

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